A millennia-old civilization, a dazzling diversity of cultures, languages, traditions and breathtaking natural beauty from soaring majesty of the Himalayas to the stark beauty of the desesrts of Rajasthan. The real question is not “why study in India?” but “why wouldn’t you?” while India has much to offer the traveler, it also has even more to proffer students. with access both to such rich history and diversity as well as a rapidly growing economy on the cutting edge of the technological revolution, studying in India could be the most important decision you make in your life.

For those who have dreams and aspirations for quality education, India is the perfect destination. with over 900 universities and more than 35,000 colleges, Indian offers a wide spectrum of courses that are recognized globally. Apart from undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral courses, there are many training and diploma-level institutes and polytechnics that cater to the growing demand for skill-based and vocational education.

Study in India, the second largest higher education network in the world is an enriching experience in itself. A welcoming atmosphere, non-discriminative approach and assured educational and career growth are some of the reasons students from all over the world choose to study in India.

India’s educational institutions are globally recognized for their quality and as excellent value for money. The tertiary level educational institutions in India offer a wide range of courses in the fields of Engineering, Medicine, Agriculture, Management, Humanities, Social Science, Fine Arts, Science and also emerging areas, such as Bio-Technology, Bio-Informatics, Space Technology and Nano Technology. Indian universities are vibrant centres offering a multi-cultural environment, with English as the medium of instruction. Most Indian universities also conduct special language classes for those looking to improve their proficiency in English.

The quality education that India offers is within the reach of every income-group considering the reasonable system that thrives on the values of quality, growth and expertise.

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